Free winter chill

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Free winter chill

On Friday 21 December, Spacedog will be marking the longest night of the year and the last day of the Mayan calendar with a free performance in Brighton.

In preparation for the coming apocalypse, we’re also giving away a few of our worldly goods, starting with a free track, Electric Lullaby:

This curiosity mixes some of the darkest creatures from the English folk canon with a poem, penned by a member of the Electrical Association for Women, c1933. The poet was so intoxicated by thoughts of an electric utopia, every night she passed a small electric current through her baby to soothe him to sleep. In our song, we juxtapose this anonymous mother with the Lankin, a mythical creature from the north of England who slips through the gaps in the window pane to find your baby at night. Keeping with our wintery theme, this song also quotes the revenants – relatives ‘without flesh’ who turn up at your door at Martinmas.

The Electric Lullaby is from our album Juice for the Baby – twelve studio tracks from mid-2011 which attempt to distill our live set at the time. It was written by Sarah Angliss, with quotations from traditional English songs Long Lankin and The Wife of Ushers’ Well.

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