Jus’ like that! Derren Brown cameo on Tommy Cooper song

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Juice for the Baby is here! And over the next few days, we’d like to tell you more about our favourite tracks. First up is our torch song for one of Britain’s greatest variety stars, the incomparable Tommy Cooper:

Tommy CooperA hero of Spacedog, Cooper was a much loved performer, hugely respected by fellow magicians and comedians alike. His bumbling magic act took enormous proficiency and skill. In April 1984, Cooper collapsed on stage midway through a televised performance on the variety show Live From Her Majesty’s. The audience initially thought this was part of the act but it soon became clear that something was very wrong.

From the album Juice for the Baby
Buy the song (25% of proceeds to Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund)

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Derren Brown cameo

Joining us in remembering Tommy Cooper is another celebrated performer: Derren Brown. The illusionist, mentalist, painter, writer and sceptic speaks to Tommy across time and space; one celebrated magician to another. We’re thrilled to have Derren’s voice on this track – we do hope you enjoy it.

Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund

In honour of the great Cooper and his legendary attitudes to money, 25% of proceeds from this song will be going to the Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund. This charity helps thousands of retired entertainers in the UK who have fallen on hard times or need help due to old age or ill-health. Brinsworth House, Twickenham, Middlesex, is the Fund’s dedicated nursing home, caring for elderly members of the entertainment profession.


Glass bottle, bottle glass
Tommy Tommy

I heard you left me jus’ like that.
Tommy Tommy
Thought it was part of the act.
So they were laughing
as you were dying on the stage
lying entertainingly before the curtain.
The world uncertain
if this was just another joke
before you dusted off the cloak
that’s draped across your final take
as they cut to a commercial break.

Glass bottle, bottle glass
Tommy Tommy

If time and space could swerve and let me
climb inside my TV set
I’d find a way to step
beyond the test card,
minding capacitors and cathode rays,
and slide into the jet black blink between the picture frames.
There you’d be, smiling, top of your game.
Your miser’s bucket brim full of gold again.
With the dentist who told you to ‘say aah’ because his dog had died.
and the horse you backed at 10 to 1 that came in at ten past five.
You’d conjure with folds of silk, spinning words and delicious uncertainties
as you hunch your shoulders, laughing at your own absurdity.

But this is no magic box.
We both know your appearance is an illusion
Inside this contrivance of flickers in the room
Electrons hit metal and ‘spoon, jar, jar, spoon!’
you materialise, the great prestidigitator – playing the fool.
Embers of pixellated, electronic dust
ephemeral as a scarf of disappearing polkadots.
I can no more reach you from this distance
than a doll can speak truths without a ventriloquist.
Answer me this:  Would we even like each other?
Or would we fight when the show is over
As you sidle to the bar and pour another,
hiding your troubles, wondering if you’re still beloved?

Glass bottle, bottle glass
Tommy Tommy

Glass bottle, bottle glass
Tommy Tommy

Words and music by Sarah Angliss, performed by Spacedog.

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