Bedtime story – featuring Hugo

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Our take on this traditional Hungarian folk song Apple, Apple is track 10 on the album Juice for the Baby. This video of the song features Spacedog front man Hugo, the 1930s ventriloquist’s dummy we wired up and roboticised after he was rescued from the attic of a dead magician. With apologies to the late, […]

For Laika – song for the original space dog

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This track from Juice for the Baby is our homage to space dog Laika, the first living creature in orbit. It mixes vocals, theremin, vibraphone and carillon with the sounds of the original Sputnik beeps. The opening bars have been recorded from an old cigarette box picked up in Moscow. It was a souvenir of […]

Hypnotist – from new album Juice for the Baby

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You are feeling very sleepy… Here’s a short taster from our brand new album Juice for the Baby – this number’s called Hypnotist. If you’ve ever been to a Rocket Lolly, where Spacedog conjure a live soundtrack for vintage science films, you’ve probably heard us extemporising something like this. Look out for the Juice for […]